Why are trees good for us?

ist2_4129173-mighty-beech-trees.jpgTrees are important to people and our environment in many ways.
They provide precious habitat for birds, animals and insects. Their branches provide natural shade for houses, animals and smaller plants and their roots help control erosion by holding soil in place.

The leaves they drop in autumn decompose into new soil that's rich in nutrients. Their leaves and roots act as natural filters to cleanse particles from the air and water. And trees remove carbon dioxide from the air while adding valuable oxygen to our atmosphere.

Trees are important to people in other ways too.
They provide the raw material for thousands of valuable products. Wood is used for building materials and furniture, and wood fiber is made into paper products.

Even wood chemicals are valuable. These natural oils and resins are used to make products we all rely on, such as medicines (like asthma and cough remedies), detergents, cosmetics, vitamin tablets, soap, roofing, food flavourings and toothpaste!

To grow 454 grams of wood (1 pound), a typical tree consumes about 680.4 grams
(1.5 pounds) of carbon dioxide and releases about 454 grams (1 pound) of oxygen.

How much of a harvested tree is actually used? Is there any waste?
The forest products industry has found uses for nearly every part of a tree, so virtually nothing is wasted.

Cellulose and natural wood chemicals are extracted and used to make everything from plastics and food flavourings to photographic film and chewing gum. Bark is useful for producing dyes, adhesives and medicines. It also can be ground or chipped to make garden mulch or burned in furnaces to generate energy.

The leaves, needles, small branches, and roots are generally left in the forest to replenish the soil. This valuable organic matter prevents excessive runoff after rain and snow, and adds important nutrients to the soil to help nurture the next generation of trees.

Trees are a valuable and renewable natural resource
Virtually every part of a tree is beneficial to us all. Here are just a few of the many forest products that help make our lives better.

Leaves and Needles:
Various oils like Eucalyptus Oil, Pine Oil, Cedar Oil

Saps, Gums and Resin:
Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar, Adhesives, Chewing Gum, Varnish, Medicine, Printing Ink, Paints,Stains, Shoe Polish, Fireworks

Paper, Paper Board, Rayon, Cellophane, Plastics, Photographic Film, Imitation Leather,
Imitation Sponges, Sausage Casings, Celluloid, Shatterproof Glass, Artificial Hair & Bristles,Solid Alcohol

Veneer, Charcoal, Pitch, Wood Tar

Oil & Tea

Tannins, Dyes, Adhesives, Flavourings, Medicines, Mulch, Fuel

Artificial Wood, Composition Board, Filler for Linoleum, Ice Storage, Livestock Bedding, Plastics, Soil Conditioner, Fuel Briquets, Pulp

Flooring, Toothpicks, Buttons, Furniture, Plywood, Veneer, Baseball Bats, Tool Handles, Shingles, Moldings, Pencils, Ship Timbers, Fence Posts, Railroad Ties, Telephone Poles, Butcher Blocks, Clothespins, Musical Instruments, Shoe Heels, Popsicle Sticks

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