Is a Puggy cardboard cubby house safe for my child?
Yes. Perfectly safe. It is simply untreated paperboard. We use no glues or adhesives.

I received my Puggy cardboard cubby house but have not received the stickers, decorating pack or cotton shopping bag. When will I get these?
All Puggy cardboard cubby houses are sent separately from the other products - cubbies are sent from our warehouse. The other products are sent from head office. 

Does the Puggy cardboard cubby houses have approved certification for toxicity?
Yes. Our products has passed independent agency test for chemicals and toxicity in the cardboard fibres. We have also passed Modern Teaching Aids Australia's approval. Puggy cardboard cubbies is totally safe for humans. Be sure to ask this question to any retailer of cardboard products especially for children.

What is the delivery cost?
All Puggy cubbies are $16.80 to anywhere in Australia. Stickers are free postage.
The Curly products are $5.00 also to anywhere in Australia.

How long does it take for delivery?
Delivery is usually 4 - 5 working days. During Christmas we ask that you order early to avoid disappointment. As a guide give yourself at least 2 weeks to the day you require it.

What happens if I am not home when the delivery arrives?
We instruct the driver to leave the Puggy cardboard cubby house in a discreet position on your front door or somewhere suitable. We have not had any problems with this. For other Puggy goods Aussie Post will leave a note in your letterbox to let you know it's at the nearest Post office. 

What if my Puggy cardboard cubby house is damaged?
If there is small damage to the outside carton, that is ok as it is the protective cover. If there is damage to the cubby house pieces, please send us an email and include a digital photo. We will send you a new Puggy quick smart or offer a refund. So far we have not recorded any damaged goods.

Can the Puggy cardboard cubby house be folded away?
Yes. The same way they came out of the box, you can fold Puggy back into it's box for easy storage. You may wish to re-assemble the cubby inside out for fresh new walls to decorate.

Is the Puggy cardboard cubby house waterproof?
No. The Puggy cubby house can be used outside in the yard, but if it rains, they can be easily picked up and moved under cover.

Can my 5 year old child fit inside a Puggy cubby house?
This depends. Every child is different in size. As a guide you can fit two 5 year olds in the castle and house cubby, and fit one 5 year old in the rocket. Please refer to the photos on the website for reference.

Can I use paint on a Puggy cubby house?
Yes. Art and craft paint is perfectly fine, however house paint like Dulux or British Paint is not. These will make your cubby house soggy.

When are your other cubby house models being released?
We would love to be in a position to release all of them right now however innovating our style of Puggy products takes time to develop. We are working hard at making sure each product meets all the Puggy criteria like flatpacking, minimal inks,  environmentally, and people safe. Feel free to join the mailing list for updates on upcoming products.

Can I pay by direct bank transfer (EFT)?
Yes. We understand not everyone is comfortable with disclosing their credit card or bank details online. It's simple. All you need to do is send us an email with what you'd like. We will confirm your order, the total price and provide our bank details for you to make direct transfer.

Do you accept Credit Card details by email for payment?
No. We prefer not to handle or hold credit card details. The Paypal system is a safe and secure way to make payments. Simply click through the shopping cart and purchase steps and make sure to click on the 'Don't have a Paypal Account' link and you will be able to make credit card payments. You can also make payment by Online Bank Tranfer - simply send us an email with your order details.

We have not received our Puggy cubby house, when we will get it?
Occasionally during busy periods like christmas there may be some unavoidable delays that we are unable to control. Puggy cardboard cubbies are large parcels. However so far we have gotten all our Puggy orders to customers successfully. If for some reason you have not received the Puggy cubby in 14 days we will offer a refund or arrange a courier for next day delivery. Whatever happens, we'll ensure you are happy.

Are other cardboard houses the same as Puggy?
No. If it's not a Puggy we cannot guarantee the quality or safety of products that are not ours. All our Puggy products are Aussie first, we work hard to invent our own designs and very proud of this. We ask that you consider your purchase carefully before opting for cheaper alternatives or imitations. Be sure to ask the retailer whether their cardboard is approved for toxicity and chemicals. Ours is independently tested and approved.

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